Monday, November 20, 2006

New JSTOR Titles

As of today, the Blegen Library has a subscription to two additional JSTOR collections: Arts & Sciences III, and Arts & Sciences Complement. These supplement the preexisting subscriptions to Arts & Sciences I, and Arts & Sciences II. All accessible JSTOR titles relating to areas where the Blegen and Gennadius Libraries actively collect are integrated into the master list of Electronic Journals.

All of these materials are available in the facilities of the ASCSA. Members who are located elsewhere may gain access via the proxy server.

[Clarification (December 2, 2006): All journals in the four components of JSTOR mentioned above are available in ASCSA facilities, either by means of library terminals, or for those with wireless access. Members of the ASCSA can gain access to from elsewhere by means of the proxy server.]

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