Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday absences

As the holiday season approaches, users of the Blegen Library are reminded that they are required to reshelve all the books they have checked out to their seat if they will be away for more than one week.

Quoting from the Blegen Library Rules:

Signing out books to tables and carrels: No book should ever be removed from a shelf unless a sign-out card is completely and legibly filled out and put in place of the book. Sign-out cards are available at the ends of the stacks. Cards already on the shelves must not be removed from their places.

Failure to check out books properly may result in forfeiture of library privileges.

Members may sign out up to 20 books at a time to a carrel or table. Books may be checked out from a member’s carrel for up to a day by placing a sign-out card in place of the book. Please return the book to the carrel the same day. Members are requested to keep their books upright between bookends to facilitate locating them on the desk. Members and staff are requested to reshelve their books if they will be away from the library for more than one week.

Your cooperation and adherence to these rules is essential to the smooth operation of the Library.

Thank you.

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