Monday, December 11, 2006

The Athenian Agora series is now available in JSTOR

Through an agreement with the ASCSA Publications Committee, all volumes published up to 2002 in The Athenian Agora series are now available in JSTOR. This includes long out-of-print books such as Portrait Sculpture by Evelyn Harrison (Agora I, 1953) and Black and Plain Pottery of the 6th, 5th, and 4th Centuries B.C. by Brian Sparkes and Lucy Talcott (Agora XII, 1970). You can find the complete list of the volumes from The Athenian Agora at JSTOR. These volumes are available within the facilities of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, via the proxy server if you are a member elsewhere, and to other subscribers to JSTOR. Links to each volume are now available from the monographic record in Ambrosia.

The ASCSA Publications Department has arranged for individual Hesperia subscribers to get access to Agora volumes in JSTOR as an additional benefit of subscription--provided at no extra cost. This is in addition to the access subscribers already enjoy to Hesperia and Hesperia Supplements. You will need to enter the same Hesperia username and password you use to gain access to Hesperia.

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