Monday, January 22, 2007

New Issue of Hesperia online

As of this weekend, Hesperia Volume: 75, Issue: 4, Cover date: Oct-Dec 2006 is available to subscribers online (a few days before it is mailed). It is available in the Libraries (and wireless zones) of the ASCSA, and to members remotely via the proxy server.

A reminder to readers: Individual subscribers to Hesperia not only receive the journal on paper, but also have access to the full run of Hesperia at JSTOR, and for current issues at Atypon. In addition, the Publications Department of the ASCSA has arranged for Hesperia subscribers to have online access to the thirty two volumes of Hesperia Supplements, and to the thirty one volumes of The Athenian Agora which are currently available at JSTOR.

For further information and to subscribe to Hesperia go here!

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