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• Collection covers virtually entire field of classical antiquity, with special emphasis on the language, literature, art, and archaeology of Greece.
• Over 90,000 books and periodicals; c. 700 active print periodical subscriptions, c. 200 electronic subscriptions (JSTOR and others).
• Rare book collection of archaeological publications and works of early travelers.
• Files of newspaper clippings about archaeological work in Greece.

Electronic Resources
• Electronic union catalogue, Ambrosia with the British School of Archaeology and the Gennadius Library; Ex Libris ALEPH 500 system for integrated library management.
• Subscriptions to resources in internet or cd-rom format necessary for conducting research in any field in classical studies, including the TLG, Dyabola, JSTOR, L’Année Philologique, WorldCat, Bibliographie Papyrologique, and many others.
• Resources are made available with computers in the main reading room; wireless access available to laptop users; outlets at most carrels and tables.

• Approximately 13,000 reader visits per year; up to 50 visitors per day
• All Members of the School have cards (100+) and in addition, 600 cards issued yearly to visitors; ca. 1000 active readers cards in circulation at any time.

• Used by graduate students and scholars from Greece, U.S., other foreign schools in Athens (approximately 50% U. S., 50% Greek and other).

Admission and Hours
• Open to the staff and Members of the American School, and also Greek and foreign school professors, graduate students, and scholars as well as members of the Greek Archaeological Service
• The library is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM - 9 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM - 2 PM
• Members have unlimited access

• Head Librarian
• Cataloging Librarian
• Acquisitions Librarian
• Associate Librarian
• Assistant Librarian
• Clerk and 2 Receptionists
• Volunteers are recruited from American and Greek university programs in Athens

• The Head Librarian reports to the Director of the School

General Plant
• 1735 sq. m. of stacks and office space located within School’s main building
• 2800 m. of shelf space, with approx. 20% free; at current acquisition rate, approximately 7-9 years of growth space; discussion in progress to reconfigure space

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